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PLC CNC Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine

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PLC CNC Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine

Hexagonal mesh machine, also named chicken mesh machine, is the special equipment to produce the hexagonal wire netting mesh. The machine has features of reasonable design, simple structure, stable operation, good performance, convenient repair. It has two types: PLC Control Straight And Reverse Hexagonal Wire Mesh Machine, Normal Twisted Hexagonal Wire Mesh Machine JINTE produce both of these two kinds hexagonal wire netting machine with the models such as 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1.2", 2" and so on.

Machine composition:
1. Hexagonal wire netting machine(Main machine)
2. Tension device
3. Bobbin frame/Spool rack/Row grid
4. Spools
5. Spool winding machine
6. Feeding machine
7. Shrink Packing Machine

Automatic PLC controlled Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine

PLC cotrolled with touch screen.More technical parameters can be set and adjusted on the sreen. The machine operated more easily by workers.With the high speed and the easy operation the production capacity has been greatly improved.

PLC CNC Hexagonal Wire Netting MachinePLC CNC Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine

1. One set of main machine can only produce one mesh size.
2. One set of main machine can make several wire diameters.
3. You can weave two or three net with the same machine.
4. Adopt the principle of clockwise and counterclockwise twisting; no need to make iron wire spring form to increase productivity.

Raw material: Galvanized steel wire, PVC coated wire,low carbon steel wire,stainless steel wire,etc.

Technical Parameter:

JT1/2" 15X22 1.5-4.7 0.35-0.7 65 4.2-6.2X1.7X1.6 11.6  3.8-5.0
JT3/4" 20X35 1.5-4.7 0.35-0.7 85 4.2-6.2X1.7X1.6 11.6  3.8-5.0
JT1" 25X38 1.5-4.7 0.35-1.2 100 4.2-6.2X1.7X1.6 11.6  3.8-5.0
JT1.2" 30X40 1.5-4.7 0.35-1.2 110 4.2-6.2X1.7X1.6 11.6  3.8-5.0
JT1.5" 40X53 1.5-4.5 0.5-2.0 150 4.2-6.2X1.7X1.6 11.6  3.8-5.0
JT2" 50X85 1.5-4.5 0.6-2.2 170 4.2-6.2X1.7X1.6 11.6  3.8-5.0
JT3" 80X100 1.5-4.5 0.6-2.4 200 4.2-6.2X1.7X1.6 11.6  3.8-5.0
JT4“ 100X140 1.5-4.5 0.8-3.0 220 4.2-6.2X1.7X1.6 11.6  3.8-5.0

Finished Products & Application:
Feeding chicken, rabbit, duck, geese, fish and other poultry or small animals. Style can be fence and cage.
Protect vegetable, flower or small plant from poultry and small animals.
Pest, predator resistance barriers.
Fruit cage, defense mouse, bird, cat, dog, squirrel and fox.
Indoor decoration, window screen, door screen, children play ground fence.
Arts, crafts and sculptures.
Sieve, filter and mold control.

PLC CNC Hexagonal Wire Netting MachinePLC CNC Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine

Our Services
1.  Guarantee period: 12 months for main frame
2.  Our engineers are available to install and maintain machine overseas.
3.  Customized machine.
4.  Fast delivery.
6.  Factory price.
7.  After sales: 24-hour service.
8.  Special specifications can be made according to clients’

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